Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Shwmae from the banks of the river Lleidi!

Sorry there wasn’t a post last week, I had a few family commitments and I tried writing one massive post about the pilot script so that I could just break that into four parts but it sort of got away from me. This last two weeks have gone really fast. Suspiciously fast, I suspect the interference of time travellers.

This last week I have mostly been doing job search related activities, editing my CV and master template cover letter to include my new Google certification as well as just to freshen it up a bit.

Sticking with the employment theme, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to setting something up. While in my last but one job I wrote a project proposal for a digital skills education project aimed at non-profits. It was well received but ultimately couldn’t find funding as most digital skills funding is aimed at either getting older people onto Facebook or helping people job search and access benefits online. What’s available for non-profits is extremely limited and usually requires them to pay, which they often can’t afford. So I took the proposal I wrote and stripped out about two thirds of it and reduced it down to a smaller project where I would mentor a few organisations for three months. Still working out details but I know first-hand that there’s a massive deficit when it comes to digital skills, particularly those more creative aspects relating to communications. It’s something I’m really interested in doing so I’m going to spend some of this week doing a bit more research. Maybe jot down a new proposal and see how it looks.

Elsewhen I managed to get a bit of gardening done before the storm moved in and made being outside of my warm bed horrific. But I managed to get a ton of weeding done. I’ve got some shallots and over-winter onions out there at the minute and they have taken a battering with all the rain this winter. They won’t get harvested until June/July so I’m hoping that if as the weather improves they’ll pick up.

Also spent some time doing a deep dive in my gardening spreadsheet – yes, I have a gardening spreadsheet, so what! – And checking what needs to be seeded this month. So far the list is: Spring onions, Sicily radishes, Wild Garlic and Savoury. I’ve also got some Habanero seeds that I need to find out when I can plant. This week will involve getting a few bags of soil and then sacrificing an assortment of soft meats to the gods for a few days of dry weather.

Going to the gym has been an on/off affair these last two weeks which has annoyed me but in my defence I pulled a muscle in my lower back. It started just before I started doing weights two weeks ago which I think just aggravated it, so I took a week to rest and do some stretching exercises. I’ve got back to the gym last week and so far so good. I’ve also improved my protein shake; it’s almost nice to drink now. I found that I was putting a wee bit too much cacao powder in which made it taste bitter, now I’ve reduced that it’s palatable, this has involved making my own oat milk. Yeah, that’s where I’m at in my life, unemployed and making oat milk. The concoction I’m currently working with:

  • 400ml Home-made oat milk.
  • 1 small teaspoon of cacao powder.
  • 1 tablespoon of plant protein powder.
  • 1 tablespoon of caramel coffee syrup.
  • 3 Stevia sweeteners.

Okay. That’s the personal update done now the scriptwriting bit.

So back in 2017 I wrote a pilot script called Kingdom Cwm (I do love my bilingual puns). You can get the first 15 pages here (well, 15 and a bit). I submitted it to the 2017/18 BBC Writer’s Room Drama but was unsuccessful. It’s intended to be a multilingual story primarily in Welsh but the script is in English. (Dw i’n llonydd dysgu Cymraeg araf iawn) It’s not quite the first draft but it isn’t the second draft. It’s probably Version 1.3 of the script.

I can’t quite remember the original log line I wrote for it, but it was something along the lines of: “Years after a series of natural disasters has turned the world upside down, a woman returns home to a coastal village looking for revenge.”

It’s short and to the point and I hope leaves someone with the kind of questions where they want to read the whole script.

So initially this started when I was thinking about how there aren’t really any Welsh language genre pieces about, when we have the perfect array of landscapes for so many types of stories. So I started churning through ideas that would be interesting, then I saw a photo on Instagram of someone on horseback somewhere in the North that looked like Cwm Idwal but it didn’t say. I immediately decided I should write a western set in Wales. Which initially might sound ridiculous, but as I brainstormed it very quickly evolved into a sort of post-disaster western. I still hadn’t settled on a story, I think I went through a good few: Family farm surviving post-disaster, bounty hunter, smugglers, post-disaster political drama, I even had a short outline for a story about a hospital on a train that travels the post-disaster country. I liked all of them but wasn’t 100% that any of them were strong enough to be an actual show. I can’t remember what sparked it but I thought a revenge story would work well. 

So now I had my story, which was pretty much just the log line above, I needed to figure out what happens. Usually when get to that bit I look at other similar stories while borrowing from Kurt Vonnegut and thinking about the shape of the story. I then use that as a kind of scaffolding for what I’m writing. In this case I pulled from the classic revenge story The Count of Monte Cristo.

I put together a list of the conflicts and obstacles for each character as well as thematically for the overall story. I’m really interested by the generational conflict in the story. This being seventeen years in the future all the middle aged characters are my generation of fringe millennials. And for the most part they’re the characters that are clinging to the past. And as we move on through the script, we’ll see they think that everything will go back to how it used to be but without actively doing anything about it. While younger generations lean into the world as we find it in the script. This wasn’t originally a conscious decision but one that evolved in the face of world events.

Then I broke the pilot story into three acts and each act into three further acts, trying to give each act its own shape while building the shape of the script as a whole.

And because this is intended to be a TV show I also had to balance taking add breaks into account against the need to tell a viewer what the story was within the first ten minutes. I say need; it’s a general rule of thumb that I found useful for this. It helped get to the point and keep the script as tight as possible. If you look at the script by the end of page ten (top of page eleven) you understand the world that the story is set in and what the protagonist’s “mission” is. Then by the last page, which would be around the fifteen minute mark, you get a clean cut with the end of the scene. Hopefully by that point you’re a little more curious to find out what happens and who the antagonists are.

I’ll probably keep coming back to this with each section I upload but I do worry that the script as a whole is too by the numbers, maybe that’s just me being paranoid. And as I said using the ten page rule and taking ad breaks into account for every fifteen minutes helped I think; with the pacing, with not letting scenes get too flabby. And I think for a pilot from a rookie, having a good story that’s structurally well told is probably best.

In terms of world building I didn’t want it to feel too Mad Max, maybe more rooted towards Children of Men territory. All the elements of the world we know are there but it’s crumbling and in the cracks people are finding ways to survive. I did some research by reading The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World After An Apocalypse by Lewis Dartnell. There’s some really interesting stuff about societal reasons for certain technological advancements, how events such as the World Wars led some to have to go through the process of rebuilding various technologies in response to limited resources as well as how cities would start to decay without enough people to maintain them.

Okay, so the characters. It’s only Eris and Meredith we really get to see in any significant way in these first few pages. I tried to make Eris very much in the mould of spaghetti western protagonists; intimidating, doesn’t say a lot, lethal. When I was putting together the outline for her character I wanted her to be as flawed as possible with a streak of hidden madness. Between the time she left the town and returns she’s gone through these horrific set of circumstances, all of which I wanted to leave as vague as possible to add to her mythology, and I liked the idea that Eris is essentially a villain with a justified vendetta. But also when her mask slips you see that she’s this sort of feral psychopath masquerading as human.

With Meredith I’m not 100% with her scene. It does its job of introducing Meredith and giving us some more exposition about the world but I think I can make it better. The original version of the scene was much longer and focused on Meredith’s inexperience as well as featuring a lot more exposition. When I was writing up the notes for Meredith she had the biggest transformative arc. I sort of saw her potentially as a mirror to Eris but not quite to the same extent. As Eris has been shaped by the brutal feudal world that’s emerged from the disasters, Meredith has been shaped by the remnant of the old world.

So regarding dialogue, it always takes me a good few passes to get it anywhere near alright. I really wish I could tackle dialogue with Sorkin-esque enthusiasm but the more I write, the more I become morally opposed to dialogue as a concept. Silent films from here on out I think.

The first few pages it’s all short one liners. Then we get to the Street Preacher and a lot of exposition gets quickly dumped. When I do the re-write I’m going to see if there’s a better way to achieve that. I thought it was better than newspapers or TV news reports laying out the world, plus I had a few potential uses for the character.

I quite like the exchange between Eris and Emyr.  I was worried that Emyrs waffling was me not tightening up his dialogue enough but after a few versions I felt like that’s part of his voice, it made him come across more as a good natured person, he doesn’t need to guard his intentions and verbally parry with everyone he meets.

Then with Meredith and Potter, as I said I’m not 100% on the whole scene. It does what I needed it to do. I also want to adjust some of the exposition elements so some parts are clearer, when they’re talking about the WDG and Lovell it all sounds very immediate, in a previous version there’s a bit more of a slow burn to it. If I keep the scene in the same setting then I want to get closer to that version.

With the last scene it I liked the idea of two people conversing in two different languages and both understanding each other, although I’ve just noticed that there’s a typo; I haven’t put a ‘Welsh’ parentheses on the Raid Leaders ‘We’ll be there’ line. Which kind of changes the tone a bit.  

Okay, I’m going to leave it there. Obviously with each part I post I’ll come back to and expand on a lot of this.

I hope you enjoy reading the script and as well as some of the lunatic thinking behind it. Let me know what you think and if you’re writing anything, how you approach it. I’m interested to know.

Brave heart, dear friends and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Monday, February 03, 2020


Shwmae from the banks of River Lleidi!

Well, February is here and with it the quick march towards spring has begun. And also the UK begins life outside of the EU. Hopefully by the time this post goes live the sovereignty will be surging but at the time of writing (1st Feb) it ain’t feeling like it. And while I am certain brexit will be a slow drawn out air leaking out of a balloon like catastrophe, I am somewhat hopeful. I’m hopeful that this is the darkness before the dawn. I’m hopeful that from this trash heap either Wales & Scotland will regain their independence while Ireland reunifies or, at the very least, the UK becomes more equal and representative of the nations that make it up. I’m hopeful things will change if only because the majority of brexiters are politically disinterested and nostalgic for a version of the world that has never existed (in Welsh we call this Hiraeth). They don't want to have to think about politics and brexit every hour of every day. But they’ll have to. They're now going to have to justify brexit every single day; every day Britain isn't the land of milk and honey, every day the NHS is under-funded they’ll have to defend this folly. They're going to have to justify every job lost and every unfavourable trade deal we get lumbered with. It's all on them. They’ll hate winning far more than they ever hated idea of losing. While the remainer side seems far less apathetic and more willing to get engaged with politics as well as being demographically more progressive and outward looking. Which over the next ten years I think will lead to something better.

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obliged to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it. – Rabbi Tarfon

Speaking of cons, I’ve been looking for any nearby Volunteer comms jobs. I figure it’ll be a good experience while I job hunt. Recently came across one that while only being a few hours a week had a full time Comms Manager job spec that also required over ten years’ experience. Which is insane. Anyone with that much experience ain’t doing that much work for free. Which is a shame because it was a worthy sounding charity.

Sticking with the marketing theme, I completed the Google Digital Marketing course, sat the final exam… and failed! The section that flummoxed me was the analytics section; I got some jargon mixed up. So now I have to wait ten hours before I can re-sit the exam. It’s only 40 questions of multiple choice but exams are my kryptonite. UPDATE: Just prior to posting this I re-sat the exam AND PASSED WITH 87%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A brief update: The tax fraud shenanigans are slowly moving forward in a positive direction. I think. Again, when it’s all resolved I will write it all up here but, oh boy the end to this cannot arrive fast enough.

While we’re on the subject of law and order, it was all go in my street recently.

Police closing off the street, armed response officer taking up positions. For a few hours it was all very exciting.

While not quite as exciting, the first week of introducing weights into my gym routine went well. I mean the first two days involved me being unable to use my arms in any way other than to impersonate a T-Rex. But that passed pretty quickly thankfully, I think because I’ve been using plant protein powder. Not that I’m looking to bulk up; last year I saw a dietitian and they said I actually wasn’t eating enough and that I needed more protein in my diet. So here we are. Every morning I am like an alchemist just to get it to taste palatable. My current concoction is:

  •           350ml water.
  •           1 tblspn powdered plant protein.
  •           1 tspn cacao powder.
  •           2 stevia sweetener tablets.
  •           1 tblspn caramel coffee syrup.

That last ingredient may seem like a cheat but it adds just enough flavour to make the whole thing drinkable. This week the plan is to up the kg’s I lift so we’ll see if it really is making a difference.

Random side story: Made brownies for a friend. Only because they mentioned a café in town having great brownies when they’d never tried mine. My recipe and technique are a closely guarded secret and this photo reveals far too much information but I trust you.

My brownies are quite possibly the greatest in the world and the idea of my friend eating what may as well be actual faeces makes me sad. I’ve witnessed grown humans have actual arguments over my brownies and it sort of amuses me that in eating mine, all other brownies become trash. Life is about the little joys. HAHA!

Speaking of satisfying victories, this week’s progress on Duolingo has seen me move up to the Emerald league. I managed to crawl into the top ten in the final moments, forcing some poor sod to spend another week in the Ruby league.


Sticking with the Welsh language, The Guardian can get in the sea! I like reading their stuff when it concerns politics but pretty much every time they write about Wales it’s like reading dispatches from an early 19th Century Ex-pat writing from some remote corner of the empire about how the place is both backwards and savage but oh so beautiful.  Eww.

When I started outlining this post I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to write about and was planning to do a listicle type post but this is clocking in at over 900 words so I’m thinking I’ll just do a slimmed down list about the stuff I’m playing catch up with.

I’ve signed up to a lot of newsletters, quite possibly more than is humanly possible to read in a single lifetime and so I have over 200 of the things cluttering up my inbox. Some of them are from creatives that I’m a fan of; others are brilliant curators of useful and interesting links and information. Here some that I’m catching up with:

Warren Ellis – Comic writer, novelist, screenwriter and mad hermit in the Republic of Newsletters. The first newsletter I followed and for the most part the direction pointer to the other newsletters I’ve signed up to. On top of writing about his projects there’s recommendations on tech, writing tools, books and methods of working that I find immensely useful.

Ganzeer – Just saying Ganzeer is an artist feels like I’m underselling everything he does. His work covers, comics, murals, graphic design, paintings and much more. Another good newsletter to follow for an insight into methods of working.

Sean Bonner – An eclectic curation of links as well as his own commentary on any number of topics. I have never read a newsletter of Sean’s that didn’t result in a few hours of googling and Wikipedia rabbit hole diving.

Elsewhere – So one of my many interests is psychogeography, not the Guardian style hipster twat finds long words to describe going for a walk psychogeography, but more the Iain Sinclair telling stories that fuse myth and history with a physical space type of psychogeography. If that sounds remotely interesting to you then Elsewhere is worth checking out. it is a fantastic online journal dedicated to the idea of place.

Cat Vincent - Fortean journalist, writes about magic, religion and all associated oddities. Usually has some fascinating social commentary from an occult perspective and another good example of link curation if you’re researching all things weird.

Not quite stuff I’m catching up with but stuff I’m listening to at the minute.

Georgia Ruth – This should probably be in the podcast section but what the hell. So since starting to dysgu Cymraeg I’ve been doing deep dives into Welsh language music. And Georgia Ruth’s show on Radio Cymru is a marvellous curation of music. Also, she is a brilliant musician in her own right that you should absolutely check out.

Adwaith – A post punk trio based just down the road from me in the City State of Carmarthen. They recently won the Welsh Music Prize. I first heard them on the afore mentioned radio show of Georgia Ruth and have enjoyed working my way through their albums.

Super Furry Animals – Maybe an obvious choice on the Welsh music deep dive but They kind of passed me by when I was younger so I’m really liking catching up with their music.

Gorrillaz – Not Welsh music or a deep dive, I just really like their new song.

Much like newsletters I subscribe to far too many podcasts. These are just two that I’m focusing on catching up with at the moment.

99% Invisible – It’s a podcast about the design of those things that you probably never thought required too much designing; warning signs, flags, fire escapes, I really enjoy listening to the smooth tones of Roman Mars. One of my favourite episodes is titled Game Over and looks at what happened in the run up to the end of Sims Online.

Welsh History PodcastWelsh education is so poor we don’t even learn about our own history. But this podcast does a superb job and hearing Canadian Johnathan Williams pronounce certain Welsh worlds is amusing.

Well, I’m done. Hope you enjoy the links, feel free to share anything you think I should check out and I see you next Dydd Llun.

Brave heart, dear friends and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Monday, January 27, 2020


Shwmae from the banks of the River Lleidi!

The last week has been about dealing with the tax fraud shenanigans. Bloody hell, every time I’ve thought that it’s now being dealt with and that I can get on, I find myself back at square one. As a result things have been pretty dull and uneventful.

I’ve got into a good routine going to the gym three times a week, finding the energy to go that fourth time has so far eluded me. At the minute I’ve just been sticking to cardio while I get into the routine also I really wanted to be sure my dodgy tendon in my arm is undodgy. So the plan is this week to start doing 30 minutes of mixed weights and 30 minutes of cardio. And then after a few weeks start breaking the days into specifics: Cardio day, arm day, leg day, etc. If I still can’t muster that fourth day I’m just going to try and add 20 minutes to each session.

Thanks to the pestilence and its impact on my sleep pattern I haven’t done any circuit training this year. Usually I’d get up early and do 30 minutes before starting the day. This week will be about getting back into that routine.

Have also been blitzing my way through the Google Digital Marketing course that I mentioned last week. Currently at 56% complete. Aiming to finish that this week then gotta find some fancy paper to print my certificate on to… Unless they send out the certificate I’m not sure.

I’ve got back into the swing of Duolingo, currently in the promotion zone of the Sapphire league getting ready to move up to the Ruby league! 

I like Duolingo but it really needs to let courses like Welsh include speaking exercises. My ability to read welsh is better than it ever was in school but without speaking exercises that verbal language part of my brain is useless. Friends will say something to me in welsh and I have to repeat what they’ve said, using my fingers the same way I did in school to work out sums except each finger is a word! Then by the time I’ve worked it out they’ve walked away chuckling. Despite this the learning continues. Araf, araf, dal i mwnci.
So in lieu of anything major happening I thought I’d unleash the first of the two politics related posts I mentioned last week. I originally wrote a modified version of this way back in 2016 and it is astounding how things have developed. So I decided to do an updated version for where we are now.
I wrote it because so many people, myself included, felt powerless and unsure how to engage with politics. And those who did seem more engaged just seemed to be spinning their wheels and not getting anything achieved.
The last three and a bit years have been a Pandora’s Box of awfulness, hate crimes and the general vitriol that have slithered into every corner of rational discourse. So I’ve tried to be more informed about Welsh/UK politics. And obviously whatever anxieties I’ve felt pale in comparison to how marginalised groups feel all the time, let alone right now. But despite all the bad I was inspired by posts appearing in my social media feeds from people in the US reacting after Trump got elected. They were posting daily or weekly ‘Resistance Reports’, the reports detail how they’ve been engaging with local and national politics and even providing quick and easy actions that others can do to help (I’m sure the first one I saw was from Calvin Starnes). I really liked this idea and wondered if anyone had been doing something similar in the UK post-referendum that could provide some actions I could follow and post about in my own reports. I didn’t find anything so then I looked for any guides on the best ways to engage with my local and national politicians with the plan to set my own actions and go from there. Again I didn’t find the bounty of information I was hoping for, a lot of US specific guides but barely any for the UK. So then I just went looking for relevant information that I could use to create a rough guide for myself before setting my actions.
I ended up falling down a rabbit hole of helpful and infuriatingly unhelpful information for anyone wanting to engage with UK politics without joining a political party. So I’ve made this post a resource dump for useful links along with thoughts and suggestions that I’ve gathered from social media and other sites on how best to use them and set your own actions. I’ll try and keep this as concise as possible but I apologise if this sprawls or rambles all over the place.
Now, living in Wales means there are devolved issues that don’t apply elsewhere, same with Scotland and Northern Ireland. So I’ve tried to keep as much of this applicable to the whole UK as I could but I am planning on doing a Welsh politics post soon.
Getting started:
Getting more involved with politics doesn’t mean you have to take to the streets with placards, although this is really helpful when the situation calls for it. It does mean finding your voice and dialling it up to eleven. It means shaking off your apathy, stepping out of your comfort zone and putting in some hard work. It is no longer possible to sit back and continue on under the assumption that it’s all going to work out for the best.
Possibly the most important step is that you have to speak up. Hate crimes soared in the wake of the referendum so it’s really important that we speak up for others when we witness attacks, verbal or physical. This is extra important for white guys. Don’t scream or engage, just calmly show that hate will not be tolerated. The Hollaback group have some great resources about standing up to hate.
The same goes if someone makes discriminatory comments in front of you, call it out as unacceptable. I know it can be intimidating; particularly with family but there are ways to criticise with kindness. Don’t let this kind of behaviour become normal.
If you live in a city or large town then there’s likely to be a cultural centres and organisations for migrants or other minority groups. They often have open days or other events. Go to them and take friends and family with you. It’s a small thing but it can help get rid of the us and them bullshit that the daily mail loves to stir up. If those groups do any community work then respectfully find out if you can help. This may mean learning how to be a good ally.
As an addendum to this: it’s vital that we find ways to build links between echo chambers. Particularly with those that we support but may not think to get involved with, such as groups campaigning for racial equality. Understanding that their fights are symptoms of the same disease that helped bring about brexit and Trump are really important for being a better ally and building a stronger resistance.
That being said some of those echo chambers may not contain people who identify as liberal so some thought has to be given to find ways to embrace imperfect allies, they’re imperfections may be rooted in their privilege but if we can’t reach out to them then it’s all too easy for them to see only the fear-mongering and to adopt the mindset behind nationalismI don’t have any firm suggestions for this, I’m the first to say I find it easier to completely ignore the people that voted for brexit or look at what’s happening in America as a good thing and not debate with them, but I also realise that’s not very constructive in the post-truth world we find ourselves in. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then I am all ears. (It’s been 3 and a bit years and I still don’t have any good responses to this)
Finding out who represents you:
It’s easy to find your MP. Their profile page will contain all their contact information as well as committees they serve on, questions they’ve asked in the Commons and the results of the election that made them an MP.
You can also find out how they’ve voted in Parliament at They Work For You. There’s also links for the voting records of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Parliament. Sadly there is (still!) nothing for the Welsh Assembly due to lack of resources. (If you’re willing and able, getting this much needed section up and running could be an action!)
When contacting your MP, phone their office. Letters and emails are all well and good but they can be put to one side and ignored. Answering a phone and dealing with (polite) questions and concerns takes time. Get enough people to call on the same day or over a set period of time then that’s harder to ignore. But if like me you don’t particularly enjoy making phone calls at all, then here’s a great guide to phoning your reps when you have social anxiety. I Know that there’s an ingrained British phobia against “being a bother” but if there is a running theme to this post, it is that you need to be a bother.
Protest and petitions are fine but how effective have they been over the last three years? A tiny bit of direct action could actually make the difference. A good list of ideas is by the Albert Einstein Foundation, they compiled 198 methods of non-violent action.
MPs will often hold regular surgeries to update their constituents on various issues and listen to concerns. Go to these whenever you can, if only to stay informed. Organise a group of people to go. If you’re attending a surgery with the aim of raising a concern don’t feel you have to go armed with reams of research on your particular issue.
Politicians respond to people engaging, silence and apathy are not protests, they’re giving up.
UK Issue Links:
It was tough to decide what to focus on and direct you towards. I didn’t want to prioritise any issue that was too regional or devolved. So the links below are broad but great starting points to get informed on specific issues, get involved and find other relevant links.
Liberty (also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties) are a cross party, non-party membership organisation that campaigns on human rights issues in the UK. They’re against the snooper charter and the use of facial recognition, providing this helpful guide to protect yourself online. Become a member, volunteer or make a donation.
Keep Our NHS Public is exactly what it sounds like. In Wales the NHS is a devolved issue but across England it is taking a beating. KONP has a ton of useful information, their social media has links to NHS campaign groups up and down the country making it really easy to get involved.
Stop Funding The Hate are a great campaign to convince companies to stop advertising with the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express. They’re a really effective example of online activism using social media, so getting involved is easy and can take up very little of your time. You can also sign up for their newsletter.
Social Links:
These links are for those of you that may want to get more hands on with a group or issue and may even want to organise your own groups.
Arts Emergency are responding to increasing higher education costs by offering a network of mentors to help 16–19 year olds pursue and develop opportunities in the arts, media, academia and professions such as Law and Architecture. If you have a background in the arts and humanities then maybe consider becoming a mentor.
Do-It are a database of volunteering opportunities so if you looking to get proactive this is a good place to start.
Seeds For Change Is a great resource offering training and information if you’re looking to organise your own campaign group.
The Trussell Trust are the UK’s food bank network. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK now depend on food banks. If you can please donate some time, money or the priority items your local bank is in need of. It really will make a big difference to someone.
The New European is a pop up newspaper that appeared during the referendum. It covers ongoing developments with brexit. It also covers a broad variety of news from around Europe which I think is important because Britain and America aren’t the only places far-right rhetoric are frothing up right now so staying informed outside our traditional news bubble is important.
Open Democracy Are an independent media platform that cover topics relating to democracy in the UK. Another great starting point for getting informed about a variety of important issues.

I know this is far from complete or perfect but if you’ve felt overwhelmed and powerless to make an impact on UK politics this should give you some options to get involved. There’s no excuses. I know it’s not going to be easy, doing good in the face of adversity seldom is. But you are needed. If you believe in democracy, diversity, compassion and equality then it’s never been more important for you to speak up in defence of them. To resist anyone who tells you that they are unnecessary or incompatible with a civilised society.

Brave Heart, Dear friends and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Monday, January 20, 2020


Shwmae from the banks of the river Lleidi!

I am a mostly healthy human being again! The gods heard my gross mucus filled sobs and saw fit to restore me. Praise be!

The rain seems to be finally giving way to actual winter and this week feels like the proper start of the New Year, as opposed to the three weeks of limbo and recovery we’ve just had.  I’ve slowly managed to start getting back into a routine. My sleep pattern is still messed up from the pestilence but it’s slowly improving. I’ve managed to go to the gym three times since the last Blog and have done a lot of walking on the days I didn’t go. As an additional aid I’ve downloaded the Wizards Unite game on my phone, just as something to do while I’m walking, looking inconspicuous in my Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf!

Don't know how useful it will be or how often I'll actually play it. I managed to get to Level 7 pretty quick without leaving my house!

For the last week I’ve mostly been dealing with a case of tax fraud/possible identity theft (as mentioned in Blog #1) that has been a Kafkaesque farce from the start. When it is eventually resolved I will tell you all about it. Until then #PrayforDai

At some point when I wasn’t dealing with that I found GoogleGarage, which is basically a hub for a load of online courses. There’s also a free Google certified Digital Marketing course which I’ve started. It’s only 40 hours and I’ve been breezing through it whenever I’ve had a free half hour. When I finish it’ll be a good addition to the CV. A problem I’ve found having a work history like mine is that when you then focus on working in the non-profit sector, your stock standard manager doesn’t really understand any of it. So I’m hoping ‘GOOGLE CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETER’ will cut through that a bit.

Also managed to start doing some meal preps for the freezer. I made a massive chicken casserole, with dumplings.

I bloody love these 16oz tubs; they’re the perfect for when you’re trying to keep a check on your portions sizes. In each tub is a good amount of chicken, one dumpling and a load of veg. Do a small bit of mash or roast potatoes and you’ve got a really filling meal.

Scenes from the battlefield!

This is absolutely why I could never make it as a professional chef; my mise en place would drive everyone insane.

I’m currently reading my second book of the month, The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihra. It’s interesting, without spoiling it, at the beginning of the book you’re given two conflicting perceptions of another character.  As I’m working my way through the rest of the book I’m constantly weighing up those two perceptions to figure out which is true. I’m intrigued to see which one it is.

Also now that my brain isn’t fogged up my illness and copious amount of cough mixture I’ve started using Duolingo again to learn Welsh and I love that whoever puts the lessons together has a sense of humour.

OoOo! Have just read that all the Studio Ghibli films arecoming to Netflix! Porco Rosso is probably my favourite. I see a Ghibli Marathon in my future!

Have you seen this? Australia’s wombats being absolute legends.
I have read that the herding part may not be entirely true but I want to believe. We’re 20 days in to 2020 and the world is in such a state that I need to believe. Look at that chonky boi! How can they not be the hero we need right now!?

Okay I’m out. I have to go protect the wizarding world on my way to the gym.

Brave heart, Dear friends and don’t let the bastards grind you down.