Monday, January 13, 2020

It's Still Counts as Moving Forward If You're Crawling.

Shwmae from the banks of the river Lleidi!

I would like to request a do over! Day 1 of the New Year I woke with a teeny bit of a sore throat. No big deal me thinks and I pre-emptively took some medicine and thought that it would all pass after 3 or 4 days… Here we are two weeks into 2020 and I only now feel human again. I’ve either been bedridden fever dreaming my way beyond thought and time or sat in a chair scribbling notes and occasionally doing shots of cough mixture like a heartbroken gunslinger with nothing left to lose. I did manage to go for a walk once and I think I may have died at least 4½ times.

I also shaved my head, mainly as an embrace of my male pattern baldness but possibly also as ritualistic plea to the gods to rid me of this medieval pestilence.

So in lieu of cracking on with resolutions I’ve used the time between delirium and coughing up what I hope aren’t vital bits of me to put together to do lists. I started with the garden, at the end of last year I drew up a plan for how I’d like it to look by the end of this summer.

A lot of stuff will have to wait for dryer weather but I’m hoping I can sort out the corner bed so that it makes better use of the space sometime in the next few weeks. Then I will turn my attention to bed two. It’s currently only half full and most of that came from tubs and barrels I’d finished with at the end of last year. I’ve also been composting in situ there. So at the end of November I added in compostable materials and covered it over. At the end of December I took a garden fork to it and turned it adding more compostable materials before covering it again. I’ll do the same at the end of January and maybe February then I’ll get some more soil and top the bed up before starting to plant in it. Then my schemes to bring down the industrial salad complex begin! Or y’know, just surviving brexit on whatever I can grow and/or trade.

Another to do list I scribbled was stuff I want to blog about. The whole point of blogging is to be a more wholesome supplement for social media so I’d like to blog about stuff people can engage with that isn’t just what I’m up to. Once I get properly stuck back into the garden I’ll post about that. One other idea I’ve started putting together is a script chat blog for a pilot I wrote at the end of 2017. I rewrote it over 2018 with the plan of doing something with it last year but that didn’t happen. So I was thinking that I’d break the script into 5 segments and write a breakdown for each one. Even if you’re not interested in scriptwriting it’ll be a serialised story for you to enjoy.

I’ve also got one maybe two politics posts I'd like to write – I know, I know I said wholesome just now but it’s stuff that’s been buzzing around my brain pan something fierce and if I don’t write it out I’ll turn into one of those people that mutters arguments to themselves in public. So you have that to look forward to.

I’ve got a few other bits and bobs that may evolve into posts I don’t know yet. It’s Sunday night as I’m writing this and my plan right now is to shower and then go to bed and pray for a restful night’s sleep. Then tomorrow I am absolutely going to get on and write the first three pages of the feature film script and then I am absolutely going to go to the gym. These are things I am going to do because being ill can piss off.

This is only a short post this week on account of me being a partially reanimated corpse. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Brave heart, dear friends and don't let the barstards grind you down.

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