Monday, January 20, 2020


Shwmae from the banks of the river Lleidi!

I am a mostly healthy human being again! The gods heard my gross mucus filled sobs and saw fit to restore me. Praise be!

The rain seems to be finally giving way to actual winter and this week feels like the proper start of the New Year, as opposed to the three weeks of limbo and recovery we’ve just had.  I’ve slowly managed to start getting back into a routine. My sleep pattern is still messed up from the pestilence but it’s slowly improving. I’ve managed to go to the gym three times since the last Blog and have done a lot of walking on the days I didn’t go. As an additional aid I’ve downloaded the Wizards Unite game on my phone, just as something to do while I’m walking, looking inconspicuous in my Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf!

Don't know how useful it will be or how often I'll actually play it. I managed to get to Level 7 pretty quick without leaving my house!

For the last week I’ve mostly been dealing with a case of tax fraud/possible identity theft (as mentioned in Blog #1) that has been a Kafkaesque farce from the start. When it is eventually resolved I will tell you all about it. Until then #PrayforDai

At some point when I wasn’t dealing with that I found GoogleGarage, which is basically a hub for a load of online courses. There’s also a free Google certified Digital Marketing course which I’ve started. It’s only 40 hours and I’ve been breezing through it whenever I’ve had a free half hour. When I finish it’ll be a good addition to the CV. A problem I’ve found having a work history like mine is that when you then focus on working in the non-profit sector, your stock standard manager doesn’t really understand any of it. So I’m hoping ‘GOOGLE CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETER’ will cut through that a bit.

Also managed to start doing some meal preps for the freezer. I made a massive chicken casserole, with dumplings.

I bloody love these 16oz tubs; they’re the perfect for when you’re trying to keep a check on your portions sizes. In each tub is a good amount of chicken, one dumpling and a load of veg. Do a small bit of mash or roast potatoes and you’ve got a really filling meal.

Scenes from the battlefield!

This is absolutely why I could never make it as a professional chef; my mise en place would drive everyone insane.

I’m currently reading my second book of the month, The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihra. It’s interesting, without spoiling it, at the beginning of the book you’re given two conflicting perceptions of another character.  As I’m working my way through the rest of the book I’m constantly weighing up those two perceptions to figure out which is true. I’m intrigued to see which one it is.

Also now that my brain isn’t fogged up my illness and copious amount of cough mixture I’ve started using Duolingo again to learn Welsh and I love that whoever puts the lessons together has a sense of humour.

OoOo! Have just read that all the Studio Ghibli films arecoming to Netflix! Porco Rosso is probably my favourite. I see a Ghibli Marathon in my future!

Have you seen this? Australia’s wombats being absolute legends.
I have read that the herding part may not be entirely true but I want to believe. We’re 20 days in to 2020 and the world is in such a state that I need to believe. Look at that chonky boi! How can they not be the hero we need right now!?

Okay I’m out. I have to go protect the wizarding world on my way to the gym.

Brave heart, Dear friends and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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